About Us

Please contact : saowalux@pasuda.com

Pasuda Supplies and Services Co., Ltd.

has been established since 2007 by the

management team of over 20-year

experiences in the field of ultrasonic

cleaning technology.

Why Choose Us?

Manufacturer Qualification

We have the experiences in the field of Ultrasonic Cleaning Technologies for more than 20 years to serve all requirements and the best cleaning solutions to customers in all industries.

R&D Ability

We have professional engineering team who can design and propose the best cleaning solution/process which suitable to your work pieces and, of course, with the reasonable price.

Product Advantages

We have “Spare Part and Service Center” to support when you need. Our After Sales Service is widely recognized and proven guaranteed by over 90% of repeat orders from satisfied customers.


We have online “Pasuda Machine Maintenance History (PMH)” to collect each of your machine data such as manufacturing date, specification, drawing, preventive maintenance cycle, repair and maintenance history etc.

Just simply log in to our system by scanning QR Code, you will know all details of your machines, and can efficiently manage machine maintenance plan to prevent the production downtime.