Fully Automatic Hydrocarbon Vacuum Cleaning & Drying Machine

Hydrocarbon cleaning is the ideal choice to replace ODS material cleaning. It can effectively complete the cleaning and drying of precision parts, especially all type small parts such as iron, steel aluminum, stainless steel and copper etc.

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Fully Automatic Hydrocarbon Vacuum cleaning & Drying Machine
Model : ACE-H3048

General Features

  1. Vacuum Deaerating Unit :
    Normally liquid has certain content of gas under normal pressure which, prevents a better cleaning result in ultrasonic wave. Vacuum Deaerating Unit separates gas in slits, blind holes, and tiny bores form liquid and articles to be cleaned, and enables non-gas presence ultrasonic cleaning which guarantees finally cleaning degree and effect.
  2. Vacuum Cleaning and Drying System
    In vacuum state liquid temperature is higher than boiling point and cleaning ability is strong. Cleaning liquid is quickly abstracted and in vacuum state the process parts are easier to get dried
  3. Vacuum Distillation Recovery System
    It has a funciton of distillation recovery, concentration and automatically exclude waste oil. Dissolovent that contains large amount dirty oil may be distilled and recovered. It has several safety measures i.e indirect heating over heating prevention, anti-explosion motor, air segregation etc.